Monday, April 23, 2012

Rise & Fall of the Inca Empire

The Incas were very peaceful. They never wanted to fight. When they wanted to take over      another tribe they sent a representative. Most of the tribes agreed.That way they would get a bigger territory.  When a tribe joined them they had to believe in  the same gods as the Incas. They had to build a temple in there tribe to see that they believed in their gods.The ruler would get some items from his people to see that they honor them. When somebody didn't want their protection they would kill them.

Francisco came with 160 men.The Inca ruler didn't really care. He didn't think of him as a threat.He didn't know that Francisco and Cortes were friends.He told the ruler to meet with him.He said he would.He brought some of his men.Francisco was waiting with all 160 with weapons.The ruler had 5,000.Francisco beat him.Even though the Inca ruler had more men they didn't come with weapons!He wanted gold.The emperor gave it to him because he said ha was going to set him free.After he gave it to him he kept him.The ruler died later.After that,the empire fell.